I cried when I got my first camera for Christmas when I was in high school. I didn’t know how to use it but I put it on auto and just shot away! When I got to college, I realized that taking photos was the only real interest I had and fell into the Photojournalism major. I carried my camera on my shoulder every single day of college - no exaggeration. I just couldn’t stop documenting.

Looking back, I realize my obsession with taking photos stemmed from my obsession with looking at them. I’m reeeeeeally big on reminiscing and capturing moments in time to look back on, especially ones from those big life-changing days; those are simply priceless to me!

- I’ve lived in southern California my whole life and honestly, I never want to leave. The weather here is just wayyyy too nice (and my hair can’t handle any real humidity).
- I have a twin brother. No, we don’t have that twin telepathy everyone talks about, we’re actually such polar opposites it’s quite hilarious.
- If I’m not shooting a wedding, my Saturdays are usually spent sleeping in (unless Manchester United is playing), eating cinnamon rolls, and watching Jimmy Fallon videos on Youtube. Oh and cleaning too, I truly like to clean #tidyingup.
- If there is mac and cheese on a menu somewhere I have to order it, no questions asked.
- My husband and I just recently adopted a kitten and I already have hundreds photos of her it’s ridiculous. She’s actually sleeping on my lap as I write this #sooocute

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