Photography has been a love of mine for a long time. I’ve always looked for creative outlets, but also really fascinated by technical stuff and photography has been such a great way to put those two passions together. I have a BS in Photography and have been shooting weddings since 2012. I love the unique creative and technical challenges that come from shooting weddings and show up enthusiastic and ready to go for each and every wedding or engagement session. We limit the number of weddings we take on so we have the energy to bring our A game to every single one.

-  I almost went to culinary school and cooking makes me happy. I love cooking all sorts of stuff but right now I'm on a serious Bon Appétit kick.
-  I love reading science fiction and fantasy; I’m in the middle of re-reading the 14 book series The Wheel of Time, and it is awesome.
-  Our 5 year old son is the best and brings so much joy to Jana and I. The other day he asked why puppies are so cute, and wanted to know whether or not dragons swim. Asking the tough questions…
-   Star Trek: The Next Generation is the best.  
-  Edward Weston is one of my favorite photographers, and his work proves that it’s always possible to be creative and unique even when the subject matter is a totally ordinary everyday object you've seen a thousand times. 
-   I spend way too much time on reddit. 

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