For as long as I can remember I've had my hands deep into the arts, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Photography specifically has always been a hobby of mine, but planning my own wedding was what gave me the nudge to dive into it full time. During that planning period, I completely fell in love with the wedding industry because of all the unique and beautiful love stories that get to be witnessed, expressed, and shared! I'm a total sucker for all the mush, romance, and heart melting moments buried inside each and every couple's story, and getting to be the one to document their biggest day ever makes me feel so lucky!

My favorite thing is capturing those hidden, fleeting moments when your truest self is expressed. The kind of moment when your guard comes down, you don't have a care in the world, and you can just be yourselves together in in the moment. Getting to capture that unforced emotion...however wild, weird, and wonderful it looks is why I love what I do so much.

- I'm a big time beach and mountains lover so getting to live in CA where both are within driving distance is a dream!
- I'm 100% one of those chocoholic, puppy obsessed, cry whenever I see something pretty kind of girls.
- My hubs is a commercial filmmaker so our lives are pretty topsy turvy but we love it that way!
- I love to journal and I collect sentimental keepsakes from years past (you should see my closet!)
- Other hobbies I adore when I'm not working are hiking/exploring outdoors, painting, drawing, and yoga!

meet hannah

"Thank you for sending these over, we really love the photos! Thank you Hannah for capturing the beautiful day!" - Brittney B.

"Thank you again for these beautiful photos! Hannah did an amazing job at capturing all the fun we had. We love them :) " - Tessah A.

"Our photos look amazing! Thank you Hannah, we loved working with you on the big day!" - Kristy F.

"Wow, our wedding day was so incredible and Hannah was truly a delight to work with! Best day of our lives, thank you so much for capturing it! You guys are a complete joy to work with :-) "  - Ashlee J.