Art has been a huge source of happiness and fulfillment for me throughout my entire life. I love so many forms of art and self-expression, but to name a few I especially enjoy dance, drawing, fashion, and of course photography.

Give me ALL the laughs, smiles, tears, hugs…I want them all! I can’t get enough of capturing such important, beautiful moments for my awesome couples. I especially love to picture my couples sitting down to look at their wedding photos and having my images transport them back to their wedding day so they can relive those wonderful moments for so many years. It has been such a joy to use my passion to create meaningful artwork for others and I’m super grateful to be able to have so much fun with all my incredible couples!

- I may look average height in photos, but I am actually a tiny human at 5'. Well…ok ok I’m 4'11" hahaha my body refuses to grow that last 1”. I always bring my handy dandy stool with me…gotta get those angles!
- I do Polynesian dancing! Specifically I’ve done Tahitian dancing for the last 8 years; my team and I compete in the US and Tahiti every couple years. Go team!
- I’m a nerd but more in my interests than in how my brain works. I’m way into video games, Disney, Studio Ghibli…all that goodness. Thankfully I have my boyfriend to keep me up on pop culture.
- Sushi. No explanation needed.
- I think the shows Friends and The Office play in the background every single day on repeat no matter what’s going on. I should probably get into some sort of Friends or Office trivia, I’d crush it!

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