Art and design is something I have loved for as long as I can remember. Mid-way through working on my BA in Art History, Alex and I got the chance to visit Paris for a week and being immersed in a culture that holds art so close to their heart was amazing. Oh yeah, and they like to drink wine with lunch which isn’t too bad!

Photography has been a deeply satisfying way to tell my client’s stories and express the love I have of art and design through the lens. I love weddings so much, and I  totally connect with the emotional side of the day. It’s hard to express how I feel about weddings without sounding cliché but I can’t remember the last wedding I shot and didn’t tear up. I love that I can capture these moments beautifully for my clients to remember in the years to come….and possibly even share them with their kids and grandkids decades from now. Oh yes, I’m sentimental that way.

-  I love reading Fantasy, my favorites … Game of Thrones (is it wrong that I’m a Lannister fan?!), Amber Chronicles, Arthurian Saga (Merlin fangirl).
-   My happy place is in my garden, it’s how my introverted side recharges.
- My favorite music is She & Him, french accordion, bluegrass, and big band...eclectic much?
-   Our son is everything. Everyday I wake up and I’m as excited to see him as the day he was born. Our family is small, sweet, and so full of love.
-  We recently added our new golden retriever puppy Merlin to the family (did I mention I am a Merlin fan lol?). Life with my three guys is so amazing I pinch myself all the time.

about jana

Photography has been a love of mine for a long time. I’ve always looked for creative outlets, but also really fascinated by technical stuff and photography has been such a great way to put those two passions together. I have a BS in Photography and have been shooting weddings since 2012. I love the unique creative and technical challenges that come from shooting weddings and show up enthusiastic and ready to go for each and every wedding or engagement session. We limit the number of weddings we take on so we have the energy to bring our A game to every single wedding.

-  I almost went to culinary school and cooking makes me happy. I love cooking all sorts of stuff but I’m all for any excuse to fire up my smoker.
-   I love reading science fiction and fantasy; I’m in the middle of the 14 book series The Wheel of Time, and it is awesome.
-  Our 4 year old son is the best and brings so much joy to Jana and I. The other day he asked why puppies are so cute, and wanted to know whether or not dragons swim. Asking the tough questions…
-   Star Trek: The Next Generation is the best.
-   Edward Weston is one of my favorite photographers, and his work proves that it’s always possible to be creative and unique even when the subject matter is a totally ordinary everyday object you've seen a thousand times. 
-   I spend way too much time on reddit

about alex

We always want our images to reflect the personality of our clients. We love catching a laugh just at the right moment or the split-second smile after a joke. You can’t fake or stage those moments, and we love making our shoots relaxed, comfortable, and fun so our clients feel totally at ease letting us share these moments with them.

Posing is important, and we give our clients plenty of direction so they feel confident that what they’re doing in front of the camera looks great. At the same time it’s easy to overdo it, and overly posed photos come off stiff and emotionless. We’re all about giving just enough direction so clients feel great but not so much that they feel like mannequins. There will be laughing, kissing, and’s gonna be great!

our approach

a little more about our team

Hello and thank you so much for getting to know us at Alex & Jana Photography! We are a husband and wife led wedding photography team serving all of Southern California.

You spend lots of time with your photographer on your wedding day, so choosing someone with the right personality is exceptionally important! With that in mind, we wanted to give you a little more info about our team and and how we all work.

I cried when I got my first camera for Christmas when I was in high school. I didn’t know how to use it but I put it on auto and just shot away! When I got to college, I realized that taking photos was the only real interest I had and fell into the Photojournalism major. I carried my camera on my shoulder every single day of college - no exaggeration. I just couldn’t stop documenting.

Looking back, I realize my obsession with taking photos stemmed from my obsession with looking at them. I’m reeeeeeally big on reminiscing and capturing moments in time to look back on, especially ones from those big life-changing days; those are simply priceless to me!

-  I’ve lived in southern California my whole life and honestly, I never want to leave. The weather here is just wayyyy too nice (and my hair can’t handle any real humidity).
-  I have a twin brother. No, we don’t have that twin telepathy everyone talks about, we’re actually such polar opposites it’s quite hilarious.
-  If I’m not shooting a wedding, my Saturdays are usually spent sleeping in (unless Manchester United is playing), eating cinnamon rolls, and watching Jimmy Fallon videos on Youtube. Oh and cleaning too, I truly like to clean #tidyingup.
-  If there is mac and cheese on a menu somewhere I have to order it, no questions asked.
-  My husband and I just recently adopted a kitten and I already have hundreds photos of her it’s ridiculous. She’s actually sleeping on my lap as I write this #sooocute

about emily