Q:  How much film will you shoot at our wedding and how will we get the images?
A:  We usually shoot between 5 and 7 rolls of film. We’ll go through them and edit / deliver the best shots along with the rest of your online gallery.

Q:  Do you shoot in black & white as well as color?
A:  Yes! We love both and you’ll usually get a mix of both.   

Q:  Are there any parts of our day you won’t shoot on film?
A:  We shoot throughout the day, but don’t usually include film coverage of open dancing once the lights go out at the end of the night. 

Q:  What about our engagement session, can you shoot that on film and digital too?
A:  Absolutely!   

Q:  I’m a photography nerd, what type of film do you shoot on?
A:  This always changes as we experiment with new film stocks, but right now we’re loving Kodak Portra, Ilford Delta, and Kodak Tri-X.

Q: Does everyone on your team shoot film?
A: Shooting on film isn't for everyone; just our founders Alex & Jana offer film as an add-on.

We love us some film photography! Why? Because film offers instant nostalgia while still looking fresh and modern. It’s perfectly imperfect and filled with character. There’s just something about the colors, grain, and look of film that gives you those good good feelings. Want to know what I mean? Check out our film work here.

Film is having such an amazing resurgence, but because it has been around for so long it manages to blur the line between vintage nostalgia and modern vibes. With a limited number of frames, the intentionality that film forces is so important to our approach. The history of film means that your wedding images will have an effortlessly timeless, classic look. Film isn’t special because it’s better than digital in a technical sense, it’s special because it somehow manages to look vintage but modern, imperfect but beautiful, and trendy but classic all at once.

 As much as we love film, we’d never give up our digital cameras, which is why we offer the best of both worlds…a hybrid photography package where we shoot primarily on digital but supplement that with film coverage throughout your day. If you’d like to add film on to your photography package, check out pricing in the a la carte section of our pricing page and check out the FAQ below.

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