Q:  How does it work?  Is there an attendant?
A:  Our photo booth is so crazy simple, there's no need for an attendant.  A glowing "TOUCH ME" prompt lures guests over.  Once they touch the screen, they're prompted with "Are you ready?  1......2......3......go!" the booth snaps away, plays the GIF back,  and invites them to take another.  They might just make another....and another...and another!  Guests seriously have so much fun with it.  After each GIF they're prompted for their phone number and the GIF is sent instantly via text.  From there they can save, email, or share on social media.

Q:  What about after the event?  Do I get to keep all those sweet, sweet GIFs?
A:  Yes!  You and your guests all have access to a gallery with all the GIFs from the evening, and you can download them all to save and replay whenever you want.  

Q:  Can it also take still images?
A:  It sure can!  You can choose to have it just take GIFs or to prompt guests before each use and give them the choice of a GIF or a still image.

Q:  If it's taking still photos, can I have the photos printed on site like a traditional photo booth?
A:  Our booth is all digital, and honestly that's what your guests want.  We've been photographing weddings for years and I can't tell you how often this scene plays out:  a guest takes a series of pictures at a traditional photo booth and get the photo strip printed out.  They immediately put the strip down, take a picture of it with their phone, and throw away the photo!   

Q:  Does my venue need to have wifi?  What if there's no wifi or internet connection at all?
A:  It's always best and most reliable if your venue has a strong wifi connection available.  If they don't have wifi but your venue gets decent cell service, for an additional fee we can provide a data connection and we'll be off to the races!  If there's no wifi and no (or very poor) cell service, the guests can still use the photo booth as described and see their GIFs played back to them on the screen.  The photo booth still saves all the GIFs, the only difference is the guests won't get a text with the GIF until we're connected to wifi (either later that night or the next day).

Q:  How close do you need to be to an outlet?
A:  Outlet?  Who needs outlets?  While virtually all photo booths need to be plugged in, we're set to run 100% on battery power.  That means we can choose where we set up based on what would be best for your wedding, not based on how close we are to a power outlet.  There are also no ugly cords for guests (especially little ones!) to trip over.

Q: How much does it cost?
A:  For $550  you'll have this lean, mean, GIF making machine at your wedding!  There are a couple things you can add on if you'd like which you can view on our pricing page  but most people won't spend more than $550.

Q: How long do we get the booth for?
A: Basically, as long as we're there the photo booth will be up and running! It will be up starting with cocktail hour and ending when our photography coverage ends.

Q:  What about props and a more traditional photo booth style backdrop?
A:  We think one of the things that makes our booth awesomely unique is it's so fun to use, you just don't need props or backdrops.  If you'd prefer a more traditional photo booth experience though, you're welcome to bring your own props and backdrop.

Q:  What about customization options?
A:  If you'd like to add a little personal touch, text overlays to the GIFs can be included as an add-on service.

Q:  Will my guests notice the booth?  
A:  As we’ve said, we love the way our booth looks. It's got a classic feel that’ll fit in anywhere from a swanky hotel to a rolling vineyard. It uses a beautiful retina display, and the glowing "Touch Me" invitation for guests to give it a shot won't be missed.



Photo booths and weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Like...Mario and Luigi, Han Solo and Chewy, Picard and Riker (sorry, had to sneak a Star Trek reference in there).  Guests love them because it gives them a fun activity to do and a way to remember the day.  We wanted to give our couples a modern alternative to the traditional photo booth.  Something beautifully designed and fun to use that also makes it easy as pie for guests to share.  What we ended up with is an open-air photo both that takes super fun boomerang style animated GIFs and sends them right to your guests' phones! 

Your guests will looooove getting a GIF sent right to their phone that they can easily share on social media, and you'll love being able to download this amazing gallery of GIFs to watch and laugh at again and again.  We think our photo booth looks pretty sweet, too.  You spend so much effort getting your reception to look like the party of your dreams, it’s a shame to have a photo booth that isn't as beautiful as the rest of your wedding.

This is NOT your grand-daddy's photo booth, an afterthought shoved in the corner of your party. This is a statement piece that requires no outlet and no cords. So get ready because our booth will get all up in the fun!  Instead of grabbing funny hats and mustaches on sticks, get a drink, grab your friends and family, and let your awesome wedding be the backdrop! It’s all about movement, moments, and incredible memories shared instantly.

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