When I was 12, my family lost everything in a fire. All photos of us & my childhood, gone. Honestly, that loss didn’t really meant anything to me until I grew up and started my own life. Now 23 years of distance from everything I used to remember so easily and time flying by at what feels like a breakneck pace - photos are what I’ve learned to value most. Having those images of our moments that would otherwise be left only to what we can keep in memory is so important to me, and I love being able to create those images for my clients.

All of the little and big things along our paths are such integral pieces of our stories. They deserve to be preserved. We deserve to remember them. It gives me so much joy to connect with all my amazing couples and have a hand in creating the images they’ll use to remember their big day 10…20…50 years down the line.

- I am SO awkward when in front of the camera! Feeling that really reminds me why I focus so much on creating a fun environment where my couples can just relax and have fun while we shoot.
- I have a very dry sense of humor and also have a love for super dumb jokes. Don’t believe me? OK here’s my favorite: Why shouldn’t you pick a fight with a dinosaur? ‘Cause you’ll get Jur-ass-kicked!
- I am unreasonably terrified of birds. Not helping with that fear, I have been pooped on by them probably more times than anyone west of the Mississippi River. My kids like to point out any birds nearby and how they’re probably plotting their attack. One day birds, I will have my revenge!
- I’ve got 3 wild children and love them to smithereens!

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